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United Education Fund Grants

The United Education Foundation (UEF) is once again sponsoring a Mini-Grant Program for the 2020-2021 school year.  Mini-grants may be written in any academic area including, but not limited to, science, language arts, mathematics, health/physical education, fine arts and technology.

The purpose of the Mini-Grant Program is to encourage the development of innovative classroom or school-based curricular/instructional projects that will impact student learning.  Mini-grants may be submitted by a single teacher or by a subject-area or grade-level team.  The maximum award for each grant proposal selected will be $250.  This amount may be awarded as a single project or as multiple awards.

The mini-grant proposals will be judged using the following criteria:
•Meeting identified needs of students
•Actively involving students in learning
•Addressing state/district learning standards
•Extending, enriching, or enhancing the "regular" program
•Making learning fun

In addition, bonus points will be added to proposals that integrate subject areas.

Proposals must be received on or before Thursday, October 15, 2020, at 4:00 p.m.  Proposals received after that date/time will not be considered.  An application for proposal can also be found on the Foundation’s website:  http://uefqc.org/index.php.  Completed proposals are to be sent to:
United Education Foundation
Attn: Susan Koska
United Township High School
1275 Avenue of the Cities
East Moline IL  61244
Or via email to: jmorrow@uths.net

More information, guidelines, and application